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Human Architecture Technologies

It is about technologies to develop and architect a person or human to become professionally competent in today competitive world, in particular in the high-tech industries. 

Holistic Approach

Based in Malaysia, founded to provide holistic approach for individual to acquire tacit and implicit knowledge to realize their true potentials and to   provide organization with strategic approach in harnessing and aligning individual potentials to achieve  its objectives

Develop Talent

We provide holistic approach for individual to achieve their true potentials by helping them challenge their current reality and identify opportunities that spark the will of individuals to discover greater significance in their work and contribute to greater skilled workers for an organization.

Workforce Recognition

At HAT, we recognize that a trained, skilled and well-educated workforce is critical in enhancing work, economic performance and sustaining competitiveness. In an effort towards shifting to a knowledge-based economy, HAT main focus lies with the development of human and intellectual capital to produce adequate supply of, support and sustain a flexible, agile, and mobile workforce with relevant knowledge and skills.